About Us

For over 30 years, Verity Landcare (formerly All Garden Services) has been forming close bonds with many UK Facility Management Companies, Housing Associations, Landlords and several large PLC companies (see our Commercial section for details). We pride ourselves on having built up a reputation second to none for providing a reliable and consistently high standard of grounds care always carefully tailored to the needs of each individual client.

We believe that every contract or activity is a special case and we strive to work with clients to produce a comprehensive and complete contract or quotation package. We always discuss in detail all aspects of the client’s brief - paying particular attention to any site specific needs and requirements. Through this simple method we are able to create precise contracts or work, leaving nothing to chance. This is our tried and tested way to build trust, confidence and strong, durable working relationships.

Each contract we hold is managed by a contract manager who handles everything from small day to day queries to large long term improvement projects. We are proud to have held many of our contracts for over twenty years, providing ample testimony to our ability to offer professional, affordable and responsive solutions that deliver the highest standards of safety and care. Strong lines of communication and an intimate knowledge of our clients’ sites are also vital ingredients.

Clients who rely on us for grounds maintenance and management invariably capitalise on our ability and flexibility to carry out extra works as and when necessary. Our experienced workforce is trained to offer a professional and diverse range of land management skills, using a combination of traditional best practice horticultural techniques and latest technology, delivered in an environmentally friendly and sensitive manner. They are highly motivated, enthusiastic, and dedicated, holding various qualifications.

At Verity Landcare we believe that we must support our staff in their training and development to achieve the highest working standards. On a wider scale we aim to train our entire team in necessary and relevant skills to enable them to achieve their highest potential.

Comprehensive Landscape Management since 1979